Mamma Wabi story

The Mamma Wabi Story and the Beginning of Demon Rum®.

It’s a legend to some, a curse to others. Those brave enough to tell the tale, do so only in whispers. “Mamma Wabi” they called her, “devil’s dew” they called it. Deep in the jungle on a tiny Carribean island, is where it dripped so pure and slow.

Stories tell that one sip of the dew would turn even the strongest man’s eyes to flame, wrapping him in it’s grip forever. Others say it was dark voodoo she unleashed on slave traders who coveted the dew. Never again would their sails catch breeze, or their cargo of stolen lives be sold. These were evil men, now cursed to aimlessly drift lost at sea forever.

It was believed the recipe died with her over 200 years ago. That may be true – and this might be where you turn and walk away. Because here it begins again – with a torn and tattered piece of leather, washed up on a remote island beach, still tightly clutched in the boney hand of the fool sailor who stole it. The scribbles could be that of a mad man, or they could be from the hand of Mamma Wabi herself, unleashing her dark voodoo once again.

A legend or a curse? That’s for you to decide – if you dare. “Devil’s dew” they whisper. We call it, Demon Rum®.

Demon Fire