Demon Rum TropiCoCo

Demon Rum TropiCoCo

Demon Rum TripiCoCo is perfect for Summer drinks on the beach, by the pool and relaxing with friends. This is a light and lively premium silver rum that highlights a smooth buttery coconut flavor profile followed by a sultry, smokey finish. Our rum is made from real sugar cane molasses, is all natural, 80 proof […]

Pineapple Gummy Demon

This is a party starter! It’s an amazingly delicious, easy to drink shot with a cute little pineapple gummy treat in the bottom.

Demon Tres Hombres

Rumour spreadin’ ’round, In that Texas town ’bout that shack outside La Grange…The Demon Tres Hombres conjures up that ZZ Top vibe. It’s so chill.

Demon’s Kiss

The Demon’s Kiss is both sip-able and luscious. But beware – her sweet kiss is hard to resist.

Naughty Baja-mama

She’s a beautiful thing, half naughty temptation, half delicious thirst-quenching goodness that goes down oh so smooth.

Demon Hurricane

Nothing rocks like a Demon Hurricane on a hot summer day. They go down mighty smooth, so you may want to whip up a pitcher.

Oh My Mojito

You already know Mojitos are the rage, but here’s one that will put your menu on the map.

Hog Wild Demon

Jethro at Big Guys Bar-B-Que Roadhouse in Hudson Wisconsin didn’t invent candied bacon, but he perfected it! This little diddy will have your patrons dreaming of bacon. (And if you want the real deal, contact Jethro for some of his candied bacon)

Demon Double D

Your taste buds can’t lie – the classic rum and coke will never be the same. One sip and you’ll know “There’s a New Captain in Town!”

The Dirty Arnie

drink photo of the Dirty Arnie

It’s Arnie Palmer’s alter-ego. The Dirty Arnie is perfect on any warm day, but makes a day on the golf course a memorable event. Tee one up and see if it improves your game. Fore!

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