Demon Rum TropiCoCo

Demon Rum TropiCoCo

Demon Rum TripiCoCo is perfect for Summer drinks on the beach, by the pool and relaxing with friends. This is a light and lively premium silver rum that highlights a smooth buttery coconut flavor profile followed by a sultry, smokey finish. Our rum is made from real sugar cane molasses, is all natural, 80 proof and gluten free. This flavorful rum delivers all the taste of summer in every bottle.

Our carefully crafted recipes make any place a party. Try this tantalizing recipe for the Demon Hurricane:

Nothing rocks like a Demon Hurricane on a hot summer day. They go down mighty smooth, so you may want to whip up a pitcher.

  • In a Hurricane Glass of Ice
  • Add 2 oz of Demon TropiCoCo Rum
  • Fill 2/3 with Passion Fruit Juice (Or Major Peters Hurricane Mix)
  • Top with Orange Juice
  • Splash with Pineapple Juice
  • Garnish with Cherry and Orange Slice

How will you unleash your demon?

Demon Spirits, LLC

Demon Spiced Rum launched January 2016 in Hudson Wisconsin as a small batch innovation brand. Both Demon Rum TropiCoCo Silver Rum and Demon Spiced Rum begin with real Caribbean rum crafted from pure sugar cane molasses, then blended with all natural flavorings, assuring consistent quality and flavor in every bottle. Demon Rum is all natural, 80 proof and gluten free. Demon Spirits is moving production to Las Vegas to support growing awareness and sales in the market.

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