Ecodrive and Demon Rum

Ecodrive and Demon Rum have partnered for sustainability and helping the planet with climate change. Beginning on Earth Day 2023, Ecodrive will plant a tree for every bottle of Demon Rum sold.

Ecodrive and Demon Rum

All trees planted are verified using technology on the ground.

Ecodrive is able to track exact timestamps and geo-coordinates of every single tree. Their team monitors survival and real climate impact. This allows you to know that your contribution is truly making an impact and actually happening. They plant mangrove trees, one of the most effective nature based methods for absorbing carbon emissions out of the atmosphere. Reforestation serves as a direct investment into the future of our planet. When you plant with them, you are making a lasting impact directly attributed to you that goes far beyond offsetting. Studies show that Mangroves “sequester carbon at a rate two-four times greater than mature tropical forests” and contain the highest carbon density of all terrestrial ecosystems. This makes them one of the most efficient tools we have in efforts against a warming climate!

How many trees will you help plant?

About Ecodrive

Ecodrive is a sustainability platform that helps brands add verified tree planting into their business model. Their goal is to provide transparency from the project to the end consumer around the positive impact they make by purchasing from businesses committed to helping the planet. Ecodrive works with over 300 brands across all product categories and is committed to helping increase the adoption of sustainable practices. Learn more here.

Demon Rum

Demon Spiced Rum launched January 2016 in Hudson, Wisconsin as a small batch innovation brand. Both Demon Rum TropiCoCo Silver Rum and Demon Spiced Rum begin with real Caribbean rum crafted from pure sugar cane molasses, then blended with all natural flavorings, assuring consistent quality and flavor in every bottle. Demon Rum is all natural, 80 proof and gluten free. As a new development, Demon Spirits is moving production to Las Vegas to support growing awareness and sales in the market. We look forward to serving you in your market.

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