The Demon Rum Eco Bottle

Demon Rum introduces new sustainable bottle and moves production operation to Las Vegas.

Demon Rum Eco Bottle

Demon Rum introduces new sustainable bottle and moves production operation to Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS, NV—DEMON SPIRITS LLC, maker of Sinfully Smooth DEMON Spiced and DEMON TropiCoco Rum, is teaming up with Kinsbrae Packaging and 17A Distillery in Las Vegas to deliver the Demon Rum Eco Bottle, made from ninety-four percent recycled paperboard. Just in time for Earth Day, Demon Rum is the first spirit brand in North America to fully produce, bottle and distribute in this new paperboard bottle. Additionally, the Demon Rum Eco Bottle uses eighty-four percent less water, six times less carbon and is five times lighter than a glass bottle the same size.

For Demon Rum (or the Company), the partnership with17A Distillery, the first legal distillery in the history of Las Vegas, and Owner Brendan Gaughan, allows the Company to produce and bottle in the southwestern United States. This alliance, along with the much lighter Eco Bottle, dramatically reduces the Company’s overall shipping cost and carbon footprint. As an all-natural brand, these relationships are the next important step toward reducing the Company’s environmental footprint, and establishes the foundation for future sustainability efforts.

To further the Company’s sustainable initiatives, an additional relationship with Ecodrive – verified tree planting for climate action, has been formed. With each bottle of Demon Rum sold, a mangrove tree will be planted and blockchain verified by Ecodrive. “Reducing waste and the overall carbon footprint through packaging is a challenge we need to address. We believe alternative solutions, like those including tree planting, help move the industry forward.” said Demon Spirits Co-Founder and CEO Jeff Warren. “We are committed to sustainable packaging for all future products under the Demon Rum brand.”

The process of moving the Demon Rum production and bottling operation to Las Vegas, NV with sustainable packaging will be complete by the end of first quarter 2023. The new EcoBottle will be sold in stores by Earth Day 2023 and joins the distinctive glass bottle, as both are sold in 750ml, six-bottle cases.

“The Eco Bottle launch is timed with Earth Day and our team is proud to be the first spirit brand produced and marketed with this sustainable bottle in North America.” said Wayne Karls, Demon Spirits Co-Founder and CMO. “We look forward to working with all On and Off Premise sales channels as we bring it to market.”

Demon Rum is Distributed by Atlantis Beverage in Nevada, 88 Spirits in California and General Beverage/Saratoga in their home state of Wisconsin. For more information, photos, or video of the Demon Rum sustainable Eco Bottle, please visit

About Demon Spirits, LLC

Demon Spiced Rum launched January 2016 in Hudson Wisconsin as a small batch innovation brand. Both Demon Spiced Rum and TropiCoco Silver Rum begin with real Caribbean rum crafted from pure sugar cane molasses, then blended with all natural flavorings, assuring consistent quality and flavor in every bottle. Demon Rum is all natural, 80 proof and gluten free. Demon Spirits is moving production to Las Vegas to support growing awareness and sales there. All Demon Rum brands are distributed in the Las Vegas and surrounding areas by Atlantis Beverage, and is also distributed in Wisconsin (General Beverage Distributors), and California (88 Spirits Distribution), along with growth into Arizona (planned for Q2 distribution of 2023). Demon Rum can also be purchased online and shipped to 33 states through their online shop. Demon Spirits has plans to grow the Demon Rum brand nationally over the next five years.

The Demon Rum Eco Bottle

Manufactured in North America by Kinsbrae Packaging, the Demon Rum Eco Bottle is the first commercially available spirit brand, produced and distributed in North America using this technology. Each Eco Bottle is made from 94% recycled paperboard and includes a food-grade flavor sealed liner inside. These bottles are five times lighter than glass, have six times lower carbon footprint, and provides 360-degrees of branding space. This innovative packaging technology provides Demon Rum with a disruptive and revolutionary alternative to glass.

About Kinsbrae Packaging

Kinsbrae is a Canadian company founded in 2014, and located in Cambridge, Ontario. As a full-service provider of innovative packaging solutions, they offer high-performance, sustainable, and custom packaging for an array of industries, including food, beverage, retail, and nutraceuticals. Kinsbrae also offer a variety of in-house services, such as design, warehousing, logistics and fulfillment, co-packing, labelling, and sleeving. For more information about Kinsbrae and its services, please visit

About Ecodrive

Ecodrive is a sustainability platform that helps brands add verified tree planting into their business model. Their goal is to provide transparency from the project to the end consumer around the positive impact they make by purchasing from businesses committed to helping the planet. Ecodrive works with over 300 brands across all product categories and is committed to helping increase the adoption of sustainable practices.

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